Why i like Cimorelli?You really wanna know?

Well lets start.I will tell you something about them and then you can decided.

Christina is the oldest.She is the leader of the group and always helps her sisters and tries to be a good rolemodel.She has an amazing,clear voice and is so nice.She talks to her fans on twitter and you can always talk to her.She arranges the harmonies on the covers and does an AWECIM job!Her bossy personality is just so funny.

Katherine is so funny.Srsly everything she does is funny.Of course she has also an good voice and always tell the CimFam that God loves them and so does she.She writes poems which are very good!She keeps the group together with her bubbly,sweet personality.

Lisa is amazing!She had self-confidence problems when she was around 15 but now she loves herself and tells us to do the same.She has an very unique voice which gives me chills everytime i hear it.Lisa is an introvert but so funny!She is shy to strangers but for her we are family.She is like the jokesterof the group and can reach the highes notes.

Amy is perfect!She is my personal favourite but that is everyone’s decision:)She has this amazing gifted voice which is deep but she can also reach high notes and it sounds so warm and adorable.Amy has a mild case of Turner Syndrom,which causes her to be small(4”10)but she never saw it in a negative way.She’s special and you must like this little fireball(how her sisters said:D)

Lauren is so beautiful!She looks amazing and her voice is also beautiful.She can rap amazing nearly better than singing but you almost can’t decide because she is awesome in everything she does.Lauren is very quiet and shy which is so adorable.She is the serious and mature one in the band but also hilarious.Lauren used to wear bows on her head which looked very cute!

And Dani:)Dani is the youngest,she is very very hyper.She has an deep raspy voice and can also rap very well!When they started the band Dani wasn’t in.but the band is only complete with her.SHe is so funny!Dani grew up pretty fast and became very beautiful.

Yeah this is my favourite band.They worked hard for success,no overnight success or any of this things.They fought for all this!They work everyday for their album,take dance lessons,record their song and still film covers!They really love the CimFam and talk to them on twitter all the time.They are still so down to earth and so gratefull for everything they get.They believe in god and tell us that we are beautiful,worth it and amazing!Cimorelli are rolemodels.They aren’t just 6 random girls.They are 6 beautiful sisters.They love each other and that is what makes them special.They know each other and are there for the other one.

And at last: They make me feel like a Million bucks.Gave me Wings and taught me to fly.and told me to Believe it.♥